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Brand: Honeywell Model: MK5145
Code Gate: Ideal for menu scanning applicationsCodeSense: Automatically switches from “pulse mode” to continuous beaming when a bar code is detectedPowerlink Cables: Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager and OrbitFlash ROM: Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2 soft..
₹2,291.00 ₹2,703.38 Incl ₹2,703.38
Brand: Honeywell Model: YJ3300
Compact design and outstanding performance: Integrated state-of-the-art laser decoding technology enables high-speed and sensitive scanning performanceReads all linear bar codes: Reads all popular standard 1D barcodes in the world, meeting the requirements of most application conditionsHigh cost-eff..
₹1,932.00 ₹2,279.76 Incl ₹2,279.76
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