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Brand: Hi-Focus Model: HF-BL33
2 Wires Bolt Lock..
₹658.00 ₹776.44 Incl ₹776.44
Brand: Hi-Focus Model: Exit Switch/Button
Exit Switch/Button..
₹85.00 ₹100.30 Incl ₹100.30
Brand: Mantra Model: EM-01
Suitable For Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Fireproof DoorAnti-Residual Magnetism DesignedHigh Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum HousingDesign with no Mechanical Bolt..
₹1,053.00 ₹1,242.54 Incl ₹1,242.54
Brand: Mantra Model: J20
Electric Rim Lock..
₹1,166.00 ₹1,375.88 Incl ₹1,375.88
Brand: Mantra Model: L Bracket
Suitable for EM Lock..
₹221.00 ₹260.78 Incl ₹260.78
Brand: Mantra Model: U Bracket
Suitable for EM LockSuitable for Frameless glass doorOpening Mode: In/Out-swing Door..
₹235.00 ₹277.30 Incl ₹277.30
Model: Proximity Card
The card read only , Can't be writable..
₹10.50 ₹12.39 Incl ₹12.39
Brand: Secureye Model: S-EB30
Input Volt                                      : DC 12VOperation temperature : -20°C ~ 55°COperation: To..
₹564.00 ₹665.52 Incl ₹665.52
Brand: Secureye Model: S-ELCR
Dual lock cylinderLock door by collisionLock body made of steelDead bolt has anti-theft function..
₹2,661.00 ₹3,139.98 Incl ₹3,139.98
Brand: Secureye Model: S-HL30
Zink Alloy with Solidity NatureMechanical Key SupportedFree Handle to Prevent External Stress256 Record of Door OpeningCommunity, Office Entrance GuardApplication: Hotel, Parking Lot, Residence..
₹4,437.00 ₹5,235.66 Incl ₹5,235.66
Brand: Secureye Model: S-SSB
Input Volt: DC 12VCurrent Rating: 3A@36VDCOperation: Push ButtonOutput Contact: NO, COMMechanical Life: 500,000 TimesStandard Structure: Stainless SteelSuitable for Door: Hollow DoorOperation temperature : -20°C ~ 55°COperating Humidity: 0-95% (relative humidity)..
₹188.00 ₹221.84 Incl ₹221.84
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