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Brand: Cofe Model: CF-4G903
 Wifi   Range:upto 200 meter   IC BASED (ZTE)   RAM:512MB   IMEI BASED   Operating temperature:   10°c to 80°c   4G LTE, LAN Port, Waterproof   Band:B1/B3/B8/B5/B34   B38/B39/B40/B41   Sim Card l..
₹2,024.00 ₹2,388.32 Incl ₹2,388.32
Brand: Cofe Model: CF-4G707WF
Support all companies DVR, NVR, IP Cameras, and Bio-metric DevicesConnectivity: Wi-fi and LAN Both Type of Connectivity AvailableAccess 300 MBPS Internet Speed at 2.4 GHz- No BufferingAll GSM SIM Card Supportable..
₹1,979.00 ₹2,335.22 Incl ₹2,335.22
Brand: Cofe Model: CF-4G807WDIII
It can work optimally in all weather conditions with temperatures ranging anywhere in between 〖+10〗^°∁ to +80^°∁. So now you have a weather-proof and waterproof internet device at your disposal.You can plug a 4G LTE SIM card of any network operator into the COFE device to convert the regular data si..
₹2,052.00 ₹2,421.36 Incl ₹2,421.36
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