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Barcode Scanner

Brand: Honeywell Model: MK5145
Code Gate: Ideal for menu scanning applicationsCodeSense: Automatically switches from “pulse mode” to continuous beaming when a bar code is detectedPowerlink Cables: Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager and OrbitFlash ROM: Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2 soft..
₹2,319.00 ₹2,736.42 Incl ₹2,736.42
Brand: iBall Model: WBS-650MV
2.4GHz Wireless TechnologyUSB ReceiverHigh-performance Laser Barcode Reader with sharp aim-and-shoot readingAggressive reading performance for fast and accurate data entry applicationHigh-intensity reading, working distance up to 100 meters (Open Space)Supports 4 mil barcodesScans all standard 1D ba..
₹2,507.00 ₹2,958.26 Incl ₹2,958.26
Brand: TVS Model: BS-C103G
Processor typeARM32-bitOperating Freq.24.5 MHz (Internal)SensorLinear CCD SensorScan modeManual/Auto senseAlarm modeRed light alarm, Buzzer alarmScan rateSmart detect up to 350 scans/secondResolution3mil/0.1 mm@PCS90%Print contrast ratio20%Light levelVisible red light 632 nm LEDScan depth of field6m..
₹1,748.00 ₹2,062.64 Incl ₹2,062.64
Brand: TVS Model: BS-i201 G
BS-i201G is ideal for various segments like Healthcare, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Jewellery shops, Textiles shops, Logistics, Toll Plazas.It is designed to be durable and reliableHigh sensitivity image sensorHigh decoding ability for quickly reading damaged and low contrast barcodes..
₹4,554.00 ₹5,373.72 Incl ₹5,373.72
Brand: TVS Model: BS-L100 Plus
Laser scanner that allows the user to easily targetComplete data transmission by just triggering a buttonThis Laser scanner fits in various environments starting from small warehouses, offices, and Retail shops..
₹1,546.00 ₹1,824.28 Incl ₹1,824.28
Brand: TVS Model: BS-L150s WL
2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Barcode ScannerOffers accurate aiming and hassle-free scanningHigh storage ability of 4MBErgonomically designed for ease of use..
₹2,622.00 ₹3,093.96 Incl ₹3,093.96
Brand: TVS Model: BS-C101
Fastest in this segment with 330 scans per secondIncreased resolution of 2500 pixelsGreater decoding accuracyAuto-scan mode enables hands-free operationHigher depth-of-field up to 300 mm enables decoding from longer distancespackage content: 1 barcode scanner..
₹2,126.00 ₹2,508.68 Incl ₹2,508.68
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